Katarine SHowing (200x300)Do you have a low-energy home?
Would you like to show booked visitors how you save energy and stay comfortable on Open Eco Homes 2016?
They really appreciate it!

On 2 Saturdays or Sundays in Septmeber 2016 Cambridge area homes will be open for booked public visits.

Visitors love learning from householders what saves energy & seeing it all in a real situation. Most are inspired to make their own energy savings.

We’re looking for a wide variety of interesting homes (not perfect!):

  • new build
  • older and improved
  • low-cost or rented
  • work-in-progress (if safe!)

that demonstrate many ways of saving energy / carbon that may include:

  • good insulation & controlled ventilation
  • new technologies & renewable energy
  • reused & low-carbon building materials
  • low-cost or DIY energy-saving measures
  • smart behaviour that saves energy
  • integration with a low-carbon lifestyle (food, transport, water use, etc)

On each open-day we normally arrange 4 one-hour visits of up to 8 visitors each, starting at 10:30, 12:00, 14:00 and 15:30.  We handle the bookings and support you running the visits, with a volunteer steward, if you want.
With your help we prepare a case study with details of your energy-saving measures, so others can learn from them and choose to do something similar.

For your privacy we don’t publish your full address, only telling visitors when they book.
It’s fine to shut the door of any rooms where you don’t want visitors to go!
Hosts are all invited to a celebration party shortly after the open days.

If you’re interested in being an Open Eco Homes host, please contact us, talk it over or tell us about your home in this short form.
Or can you suggest another householder we should ask?

We were swept away by visitors’ enthusiasm and interest in what we’d done” – host
I’d looked it up on the web, but seeing it for real was much more useful” – visitor