Workshop - Your smart electric home
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As we switch from fossil fuels to low carbon electricity our homes are at the heart of the system. We generate power with our solar panels and we demand more, for electric vehicles, heating and other appliances. Our expert speakers this evening will explain why we need smart home batteries too. Batteries can help us use more of our own power, or make use of smart tariffs to even out demand during the day. This reduces our costs and reduces carbon emissions too.

Our first speaker will be Owen Morgan, from Cambridge Solar, who has been working in the solar PV industry for over 15 years and installing Tesla Powerwall battery systems since they first entered the market in 2016. Also we have Thomas Whiffen from geo, currently conducting trials of a new Hybrid Home™ system that will use our home battery to reduce demand when requested by the electricity distribution system, further reducing costs.

What is it like to live in a smart home? Do we need to interact with it, or will we not even notice it is there? How do we know if it is working properly? Is it all worth it? Come to ‘Your Smart Electric Home’ to find out.

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NOTE: This workshop is two hours long and runs from 7:30pm until 9:30pm.