Workshop - Better insulation
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27% of UK carbon emissions come from houses, so upgrading the energy efficiency of our older homes with insulation is a major component of our national carbon emissions reduction.

The Better Insulation workshop combines the view of a householder, a green builder and low-carbon architect, introducing the tricky issues.  We can help you think about your home:

  • What types of insulation are available and which systems best suit certain house types and life styles?
  • Where is the government headed on these problems?
  • What new possibilities are coming?

As a home-owner, how low could you go on emissions reduction?  What is a reasonable target for your home and your circumstances? How do you balance the cost, effectiveness and disruption of your planned improvements?

Workshop leaders:

  • Stuart Dyer – Householder, Transition Cambridge
  • Tim Acheson – Founder, Green Hat Construction
  • Margaret Reynolds – Architect and Open Eco Homes host

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NOTE: This workshop is two hours long and runs from 7:30pm until 9:30pm.