'Victorian Terrace Getting Off Gas'

Sat 26th September, 4:00 – 5:00pm

In this free interactive online tour you’ll learn about the opportunities and challenges of extending and retrofitting a small historic terraced house. 

This recent retrofit and extension of a Victorian terrace involved transforming the property into a renewable-powered, low energy home which will remain cool in summer. The eco-renovation prioritised adding a third bedroom and eliminating gas usage. Hosts James and Hannah extensively researched into their options for achieving these goals, and engaged local architect Margaret Reynolds for the project design. Retrofitting this home has resulted in greater energy efficiency through improved air tightness, and an enlarged living space with the attic extension. 

Key features of this home:

  • Internal and external insulation to front and back respectively, and external blinds.
  • PassivHaus standard windows (sash and roof lights) and external doors.
  • Air source heat pump (NIBE).
  • Mechanical ventilation (Aereco demand controlled, not heat recovery).

27 Participants joined James and Hannah in this tour, in which Margaret Reynolds, the architect, described challenges, including the struggle for planning permission to allow raising the roof level in a way not visible from the street. And Tim Acheson of Green Hat Construction, the builders, gave his perspective on the project.

See the Slides, Video and Case Study