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Key information

Open Sep 30th & Oct 6th
Type Retrofit
Built 1930

Key features

  • Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR)

Patrick moved into his 1930s end-of-terrace home in 2001. The house was very cold during the winter, even with the boiler running full blast; he also needed more space but wanted to add this without increasing the carbon emissions.

The house has now been fitted with loft insulation and both cavity and external wall insulation for the original solid wall and cavity wall extension. Radiator reflectors have also been placed around the property as a cost-effective way to redirect heat back into the room. Patrick has installed underfloor heating, along with a condensing boiler and a solar thermal panel to ensure that the heat he needs is available where and when he needs it. There are also two different types of MVHR (mechanical ventilation and heat recovery) in two different rooms. These help to keep the air warm inside the home.


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