K. The Cambridge Mosque
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The Cambridge Mosque is Europe’s first eco-mosque. This is a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes with an expert engineer; ecological features include water recycling, rainwater collection, passive ventilation, PV, heat pumps, natural and LED lighting, and timber construction.

Open: 22nd September
Type: New build
Built: 2019

Further information

The Cambridge Mosque is dedicated to the spiritual and social welfare of the city’s estimated six thousand Muslims, with space for 1000 worshippers. People from all backgrounds are also welcome to come in and enjoy the space, including the garden, café and meeting rooms.

The design is by the late David Marks, a Jewish architect who with his wife, Julia Barfield, designed the London Eye. The laminated timber ‘forest’ of roof supports, the largest structure of this kind in the UK, was made in Switzerland and assembled on-site, as was the mosque’s onion-style dome. Insulation & air tightness is better than part L of the building regulations. Its EPC is A – very close to being a zero-carbon building.

Air source heat pumps in the basement heat water for underfloor heating, with sophisticated controls so only the occupied zones are heated. Energy use will be minimised by using mixed mode systems – static heating and natural ventilation, supplemented by displacement cool air supply at times of high occupancy or high heat gains.

A 115m2 solar PV array will help offset the electricity used to power the heat pump, reducing the overall carbon emissions by an estimated 10%. The building’s low initial carbon footprint will improve over time as mains electricity production from renewable sources increases.

Key features

  • Insulation & air tightness: better than part L
  • Air source heat pumps for heating & cooling
  • Timber frame structure
  • EPC A rating: close to zero carbon
  • Natural & controlled ventilation with heat recovery


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