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For this special tour we are opening two neighboring houses together for one extended tour. To allow time to fully appreciate both houses, this tour will last approximately 90 minutes.

Pease House – 2012

As self-builders, hosts Nick and Kate were very keen to use the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact through good design and materials. They have created a very comfortable place to live, the whole family loving the light, the space, the views and the rammed earth wall they built themselves. With space and time to get exactly the house they wanted, they have a lot of good tips to share about getting it right.

Following advice from the Centre for Alternative Technology and Open Eco Home sponsors AC architects they followed key environmental self-build design principles, worth bearing in mind with any build project:

• Orientate to benefit from solar gain
• Super insulate
• Build airtight then ventilate right
• Add thermal mass
• Consider cooling and solar shading.


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High Street – 1920

Carol and Stewart’s six-bedroom country house was built by Stewart’s grandparents just after the first world war and completed in 1920. It’s difficult and expensive to heat, a classic example of an old home that does not meet the comfort, energy and environmental requirements of our age. Carol and Stewart have been carrying out a long-term renovation to make things better, for their own comfort and to follow their environmental beliefs.


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Booking below is for a special extended 90 minute tour visiting both Pease House and High Street. As these tours are double the length of an ordinary Open Eco Homes tour, a tour of High Street will effectively take up two time slots, e.g. if you book a 10:30am tour of High Street you will not have enough time to travel to a 12:00pm tour of another house.



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