A Heat Pump for your Home

Mon 12 October, 7:30 – 9:00pm  Free Online Talk

Heat pumps are the best route to low carbon heating in most homes – they are super efficient (300% is often achievable) and can run on zero carbon electricity. However installing one is not as straightforward as just replacing the boiler in your cupboard. So how to set about procuring one for your home?

Our speaker, Andy Hamilton, will give us frank advice based on knowledge and direct experience over several decades with a variety of heat pumps including in his own home. His career has spanned building work, lecturing in Construction Technology and urban Sustainability, research and consultancy for the Environment Agency and the European Commission.

To get the best value from Andy in the time we will assume you have some basic understanding. We will concentrate on air source heat pumps (ASHP) which is the most common type; we hope you will already know what this is and how its performance is measured (using COP and SCOP), also that your choice of heat pump affects the rest of your heating system i.e. your radiators, hot water and pipework. Andy will give us advice on how to make sure our home and heating system is ‘heat pump ready’, how to choose which heat pump is right for our home, how to make sure it can and does operate effectively.

If you are new to heat pumps, or if you’d like a refresher, we recommend Heat Pump Information from John Cantor, renowned expert and author of ‘Heat pumps for the Home’. We also recommend some of Nicola Terry’s blog posts on heat pumps, such as: Do Heat Pumps Deliver  and Why I haven’t installed a heat pump (yet). Nicola is introducing Andy’s talk.

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