H. Gwydir Street
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Meet the renovator. Chance to see an in-progress renovation of a Victorian terrace with urban small holding vibe. Features include before and after view of internal wall insulation with damp preventing ventilation gap, underfloor heating, productive garden, chickens and quail.

Open: 22nd & 28th September
Type: Renovation
Built: 1890

Further information

Alex says, “We moved into the property about five years ago, inheriting a solid wall property with a vintage back-boiler. Much of the work so far has been related to making the building liveable, although there has been some progress on the low-energy portions of the project and on the veg garden.

In the longer term the building will be retrofitted to the EnerPHit standard. This will reduce energy consumption by around 90% while significantly improving comfort. It will also give me an opportunity to put my professional skills as a low-energy building expert to good use.

The project will be entirely self-built, we’ll be living here through-out, and working on a limited budget so progress will be gradual.”

Key features

  • Work in progress tight budget retrofit project
  • Loft and internal wall insulation
  • Air-sealed: including chimneys, hidden holes in building
  • Radiator controls


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