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Preparing or designing your home for the weather extremes, becoming more frequent with climate change:
  • Improving your Home’s Flood Resilience’ with Emily Hutchinson, Senior Flood Risk Officer, Cambs County Council. How to minimise the risk of damage. Even if your home is far from a watercourse, it may be vulnerable to flash-flooding from intense downpours.
  • ‘Drought-Resistant gardening’ with Dea Fischer, La Jardiniere Gardens.  Planning and looking after your plants, so they stay beautiful in droughts, without using hosepipes.
  • ‘Staying Cool in a Heatwave’ with Tom Bragg, OEH Host. How to improve and ventilate your home to prevent dangerous over-heating, without resorting to air-conditioning.

With time to discuss your problems or experiences, coping with extreme weather.