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AC Architects designed renovation with high levels of wall, floor and roof insulation, insulated doors and extensive use of re-used and recycled materials. A PV array provides electricity for home use or export, or for water heating. Wireless heating controls.

Open: 22nd & 28th September
Type: Renovation
Built: Late Victorian

Further information

Zoe and Samin say: “We are a family of four: two adults and two teenage children. We also have two cats. As a family we wanted a home that had light, space, comfort and warmth. We wanted a space that worked for all of us but also minimized our carbon footprint and waste. And a home in which we could entertain, cook for, and accommodate our friends and family, knowing that they would be comfortable.

We bought the house in 2005. For a decade, we were freezing in the winter, and too hot in the summer. There were certain parts of the house that we didn’t use because of the cold and damp. We gave up turning on the radiators as the heat would just escape out of the uninsulated roof, windows and walls (our main living area at this point was heated by a wood burner). We wanted to fix all these issues as well as the “bodges” inflicted on the house by previous owners.

The house feels air tight and quiet. We now have much greater comfort throughout the house, more light, and lower heating bills (despite now heating more of the house, more of the time). We don’t use our wood burner as the main heating source anymore. The solar PV meets electricity demand from the house first, then heats water, then goes out to the grid. (We have had feed-in tariff payments back from the grid every quarter.)”

Key features

  • Highly insulated extension
  • High levels of Insulation throughout: including external front and rear walls, roof and internal ground floor
  • New, A rated Ideal Logic+ H18 condensing gas boiler.
  • Sunpower 4kW PV array.
  • iBoost diverts excess solar PV energy to an immersion heater in the water tank.


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