'Cool Homes in a Heatwave'


Wednesday 17 June, 7.30 – 8:30   Webinar

How to prepare your home to stay cool in a heatwave.
Many homes, old and new, are becoming uncomfortable and unhealthy in increasingly frequent and severe heatwaves.
We’ll describe and discuss many ways to keep your home cool and healthy, some simple and some building projects.

This free, interactive webinar, will help you get ready for the next heatwave:

  • improve the shading of your home
  • control the ventilation to make it cooler
  • avoid numerous ways of accidentally heating it

Tom Bragg, an experienced presenter on this subject, and Margaret Reynolds, green architect, have both been Open Eco Homes hosts, showing ways they keep their homes cool in summer.


This was a lively session with 39 participants.
It looks like the content may be very relevant this summer.

“Video, slideshow and online resources information really good”Participant

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