'Carbon-Neutral Studio Flat'

Tues 13th October, 7:00 – 8:00pm

In this free interactive online tour you’ll learn about the processes and level of detail required when planning a carbon-neutral home, and the lessons learnt by the host during his experience of building energy efficiency buildings.

Host Ian is a retired architect and has built energy efficient buildings since 1980. This renovation project is currently being undertaken, and involves transforming a self-built barn on Ian’s land into a carbon-neutral studio flat. The flat has been designed to be extremely effective at energy conservation through insulation and temperature regulating mechanisms such as MVHR. Once completed, this should be a warm and comfortable home, finished to a high standard due to the level of detail in the planning process. 

Key features of this home:

  • External insulation on timber frame, with double and triple glazing. 
  • Carbon-neutral due to around 3kW of PV. 
  • Air source heat-pump serving radiators and domestic hot water. 
  • Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) system. 
  • Rainwater and ground water harvesting. 
  • Material such as roof tiles, cladding and kitchen are reclaimed and repurposed. 

22 people joined Ian’s virtual tour.  See Slides, Video and Case Study.


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