New Cambridge Mosque
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Key information

Open Mar 2nd
Type New Build
Built 2019

Key features

  • A neighbourhood as well as a spiritual centre
  • Beautiful timber frame structure, with highly insulated envelope
  • Natural daylight, passive ventilation, and rainwater harvesting
  • External shading and evaporative cooling to avoid overheating
  • Air source heat pumps and 155m2 of solar PV

The new Cambridge Mosque is dedicated to the spiritual and social welfare of the city’s estimated six thousand Muslims – up to 1000 people can congregate inside. The overall design for the site embodies the concept of a calm ‘oasis’.

Tim Winter, chairman of the Cambridge Mosque Trust, notes that ‘Islamic civilization has been based on the rejection of waste as an under-estimation of God’s blessing’. The Mosque will ‘emphasise the role of faith in promoting responsible management of the earth’s resources’.

This is ‘Europe’s first eco-mosque’: with an EPC of A, the new Cambridge Mosque is very close to being a zero-carbon building, while also having many beautiful and practical features. It’s a landmark building for the Muslim community, the city of Cambridge and its residents.


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NOTE: The tour of the mosque will last about an hour. Please note that you might be required to wear a hard hat and high vis but this will be provided.