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New-build with significant use of natural materials; an exciting, beautiful low energy house. Features include internal and external wall insulation, solar thermal panels, ground source heat pump and rainwater harvesting.

Open: 22nd & 28th September
Type: New build
Built: 2010

Further information

Hosts Ian and Sue wanted to live more sustainably – in a different environment, and with beautiful architecture. After looking for land elsewhere, they decided to build in their own back garden, seeing this as an opportunity to make a step-change. They wanted to create an exciting, beautiful, low energy house which reflected their wish to reduce their impact on the environment. The natural world is very important to Ian and Sue, so they have made strong connections between the house and garden, which is managed for wildlife; there is a sedum roof, wildflower meadow and pond.

Key features

  • Ground source heat pump.
  • Whole house heat recovery and ventilation.
  • Rainwater harvesting for toilets, clothes-washing, garden.
  • Thermal mass – clay brick internal walls.
  • Natural light – full-length windows and doors and mirrored roof windows.


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