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Meet the architect-owner. Large 1920’s house with multiple extensions that has been substantially renovated through extensive insulation measures and heating improvements; features include zoned underfloor heating, solar PV, external wall insulation.

Open: 22nd September
Type: Renovation
Built: 1927

Further information

Margaret is an architect specialising in low-carbon design. David a Cambridge University professor.  Margaret says:

“We’ve worked on improving insulation since we moved here in 1983. After attending Cambridge Carbon Footprint’s ‘Carbon Conversations’ meetings in 2009-10 we made lifestyle changes to save energy. Our green concerns and desire for greater comfort as we approach retirement has prompted the current works. We aimed both to create a larger house and carry out an ‘eco-retrofit’.

When we built extensions in 1989 and 2004 we added energy-saving works to the contracts. Later on we found the information we needed for further improvements through my professional studies and by attending Carbon Conversations (no longer running) and Open Eco Homes. We listed what we wanted, researched each item, made drawings and weighed up the benefit for the money spent.”

Key features

  • External wall insulation
  • Solar PV 3kWp
  • Under floor heating with zoned controls
  • Cavity wall insulation of extensions


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