Open Eco Homes – September 30th and October 6th

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Eco Homes for All - The Open Eco Homes workshops – September 18th – October 30th

5 FREE workshops to help you create a cosier home. Eco Homes for All is a festival of good ideas, from low-cost DIY draught-proofing through to full-scale self- and community-home build projects. With low-carbon renovation and solid wall insulation in between. Our Eco Homes for All workshops will give you the practical knowledge you need to create the home you want. A perfect companion to Open Eco Homes.

Co-housing and Community Land Trusts – Tuesday 18th Sept, time and venue to be confirmed

Eco Self-Build – Wednesday 26th September, time and venue to be confirmed

Solid Wall Insulation Choices – Thursday 18th October, time and venue to be confirmed

Draught-Busting on a budget – time, date and venue to be confirmed

Is Your Home Ready for Climate Change? – time, date and venue to be confirmed

Full details to follow shortly.

Thermal Imaging Training

April-October:  thermal imaging is closed for most purposes through the warmer months.
But see our new resource on Thermal Imaging in a Heatwave, for which trained surveyors may want to borrow a camera in the summer.

Tue 30th October 2018          St Barnabas, Old School Lounge, Mill Rd   CB1 2BD
Mon 3rd December 2018                St Andrews Hall, Meeting Room 3, St Andrews Rd  CB4 1DH
Wed 16th January 2019         St Andrews Hall, Meeting Room 3, St Andrews Rd  CB4 1DH
Tue 12th February 2019                 St Barnabas, Old School Lounge, Mill Rd   CB1 2BD

All 7:30-9:30pm  Free, booking essential

We will post other relevant events as they come up. In the meantime check the Cambridge Carbon Footprint website for other related events.