Case Studies   Description Age Insulation Energy Materials Water Other Years Open
Aberdeen Square

Terrace 2010 Air source heat pumps, solar PV Aerating shower heads, dual flush toilets, water butt 2013
Ascham Road

Semi-detached 1929 External wall, underfloor, double glazing Condensing boiler, wood burning stove, solar PV Reclaimed timber 2014
Bishop's Road

Detached bungalow 1946 External and internal wall insulation. Double glazing Condensing boiler, wood burning stove, solar PV, low energy bulbs, underfloor heating Water butt 2013
Bury Road

CB22 5BP
Semi-detached 1957 Cavity wall, loft, and underfloor. Double glazing Low energy bulbs, solar PV, mechanical ventilation heat recovery 2013
Cambridge Mosque

Currently under construction. Mosque 2018 EPC A rating Solar heat gain, air source heat pumps, heat recovery system, natural evaporative cooling, energy efficient appliances, underfloor heating Timber frame structure Rainwater harvesting, 2017
Cheney Way

Semi-detached 1958 External and internal wall insulation, loft, and underfloor Condensing boiler, wood burning stove, mechanical ventilation heat recovery, solar PV, solar thermal panels and thermal store, low energy bulbs Roofing felt. Powder-coated aluminium gutters. Acetylated timber. Water softener, dual flush toilets, rainwater harvesting 2013
Chesterton Road

Three storey Victorian house with striking re-design
of draughty bay window
1896 Internal and external wall, roof, floor, double- and secondary-glazed sashes Solar thermal panels, PV, heat recovery & ventilation Water butts, dual flush WCs, low-flow showers Sunpipe 2015, 2016, 2017
Coleridge Road

Semi-detached, thorough ecorenovation of family home 1930 External wall (brick slips), floor, converted loft insulation Zone heating Salvaged French door Dual flush toilets, water butt, water softener Vegetable garden, 2015
Coton Village Hall

CB23 7PL
Community centre 1934 External, underfloor, and roof. Double glazing. Draughtproof lobby room. Air source heat pump, LED lighting, low energy flourescent lighting, underfloor heating. Aerating taps, low flush toilets 2013
Eachard Road

Semi-detached, restored home with thorough insulation & renewables. 1935 Internal & external wall, floor, loft Woodstove (for cooking, heating and hot water), solar PV Wood for building extension and conservatory Four water butts Wood fuel sourced partly from own garden 2015
Eco Hub - Gamlingay

SG19 3QP
Community centre 1970s Super-insulated and air sealed throughout. Passive ventilation with heat recovery, ground source heat pump system, solar termal panels with thermal store, solar PV Rainwater harvesting 2013
Eltisley Avenue

Mid-terrace, innovative low-cost ecorenovation 1902 Insulated loft conversion. Underfloor. Triple, double, or DIY secondary glazing. Wood stove, DIY awnings for cooling, low energy bulbs (LED), DIY fanned radiator Reclaimed pine flooring, Marmoleum (eco-lino) Low flow showers, low volume flush WCs Wood store with sedum roof 2015, 2017

Semi-detached 1940s External wall, loft, double glazing Low energy lighting 2014
Fen Road

Semi-detached, thoughtful ecorenovation with low carbon heating 1897 Internal and external wall insulation Solar thermal, woodstove Reclaimed wood Two water butts for chalk-free garden watering DIY solar thermal installation 2015
Foster Road

Terrace 1947 Cavity wall, loft, pipe, double glazing Condensing boiler, solar PV, solar thermal panel, low energy bulbs, LEDs Rainwater harvesting, water butts, low flow taps 2014
Gilbert Road

Semi-detached, extended and comprehensively insulated home 1930 Internal and external wall, floor, loft, thermal-lined curtains Solar water heating, woodburning stove Reclaimed bricks Water butts Bike shed, wood store 2015
Gwydir Street

In-progress renovation. Victorian terrace with urban small holding vibe 1890 Loft, internal wall insulation with air vent, double glazed sash windows Woodstove. Aiming for EnerPHit energy standard over long term Chickens, quails, raised beds, Sheffield stands for bikes 2016
Harvey Goodwin Avenue

Detached 1920 External wall, underfloor, roof, double glazing, triple glazed roof light Condensing gas boiler, low energy bulbs, LEDs, solar thermal 2014
High Street - Pease House

Detached 2012 Super-insulated, structurally insulated panels (SIPS), air tight, triple glazing Solar PV, solar thermal panels with thermal store, underfloor heating, condensing gas boiler, Rammed earth wall, reclaimed materials Rainwater harvesting 2013, 2017
High Street - Pease House

Detached renovation 1920 Retrovive underfloor insulation, cavity wall insulation, external and internal wall insulation, double glazing Solar PV, low energy lightbulbs (CFL/LED), new boiler, heating zones, radiator controls. Well water for toilet cistern and garden Vegetable garden and composting 2017
Hills Road

Detached 1905 Loft, walls, underfloor. Glazing. Condensing boiler, thermostatic radiator valves, low energy bulbs, solar PV Aerating shower heads, low flush toilets, water butts 2013
Huntingdon Road

Semi-detached 1890s Internal wall, double glazing, draught stripping, air sealed windows Solar PV, low energy lighting, thermostatic radiator valves 2014
K1 Cambridge

Currently under construction, a range of low-energy Swedish Trivselhus homes 2017 Highly insulated factory made panel walling, triple glazed windows and doors Passive solar heat gain, air source heat pumps, mechanical ventilation with heat exchange Factory made panel construction Low water use fittings Co-housing with additional shared garden, workshop and office 2016, 2017
Knight's Way

CB24 6DE
Semi-detached 1960s Cavity wall, carbon zero loft, thermal beam/block, underfloor Condensing boiler, solar thermal and thermal store, low energy bulbs Rainwater harvesting, low flush toilets 2013
Laburnum Close

An external tour of an external wall insulation system with brick slip cladding 1930s External wall insulation system with brick slip cladding Solar PV Installed as part of a neighbourly project involving three houses 2016
Lingrey Court

Semi-detached 'Zero-carbon' concept house & family home. 2015 Insulated panel construction, some triple-glazing Solar PV, heat recovery, heat-saving shower FSC-certified timber cladding Water-saving WCs, showers and baths Green roof, herbs, fruit and veg growing 2015
Macfarlane Close

CB24 9LZ
Detached 1962 Underfloor, cavity wall, under-barge board and loft (floor and ceiling). Reflective double glazing. Solar PV, Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery, LED lighting, heating zones, thermal store for hot water Reclaimed wooden floors. Waste building materials from build re-used in garden structures. 2017
Madingley Road

Custom-built new-build with significant use of natural materials 2010 Internal and external wall, roof and underfloor insulation Solar thermal panels, ground source heat pump, woodstove Hemp & wood fibre wall insulation, Marmoleum Rainwater harvesting for toilets, laundering & garden Sedum roof, wildflower meadow, pond 2015, 2016, 2017
Melbourne Place

Terrace 1840 External wall, loft, underfloor, double glazing, air sealed windows/doors/letterbox Solar PV, thermostatic valves, LED bulbs, underfloor heating, air source heat pump Reused bricks, lead substitute flashing, FSC timber Aerating taps, low flush toilets, rainwater harvesting 2013
Midsummer Common

Narrowboat 2001 Hull, spray-foam Solar PV, wind turbine, wood burning stove, LED bulbs 2013
Milton Road

Detached bungalow 1927 Ground floor, roof, external walls, double glazing and triple glazed roof windows, air sealed entrance lobby Solar PV, LED bulbs, heating controls, passive ventilation and heat recovery, underfloor heating, air source heat pump Rainwater harvesting 2013
Magnolia Close

Detached 2010 Roof, walls, floors, triple glazing, air sealed entrance lobby Condensing boiler, wood burner, solar PV, low energy bulbs, LEDs, underfloor heating, mechanical heat and ventilaton recovery Clay brick internal wall (thermal mass) Rainwater harvesting, water butts, low flush toilets 2013
Mowbray Road

Detached newbuild PassivHaus standard home 2015 Wall and roof insulation, airtight structure. Mechanical ventilation & heat recovery Wood frame & walls. Recycled newspaper insulation Rainwater harvesting for garden and WCs. Mechanical heat recovery filters pollen 2015
Neville Road

Substantial renovation with a clever mix of novel low cost DIY and standard insulation 1936 External and internal wall, roof, storm porch, side extension Garage mounted Solar PV array, appliance timers, solar gain and daylighting Carpet made from 80% recycled bottles, bamboo floor and kitchen worktops Four water butts, rainwater container by kitchen sink for tasks not requiring tap water Re-fill liquid cleaning materials, avoiding disposables and plastics 2016
New Street

Terrace 1995 Roof, loft, between floors, triple glazing Condensing boiler, solar thermal panels with thermal store, thermostatic valves, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery Low water shower, toilet, and taps 2013
Nightingale Avenue

Detached 1958 Cavities, floors, roof, extension, draught proof entrance lobby Condensing boiler, solar PV, solar thermal panel, heat recovery extractor fans, low energy bulbs, LEDs Reclaimed flooring Rainwater harvesting, aerated taps, dual low flush toilets 2013
North Street

Terrace 2012 Wall cavity, roof, floor, double glazing, non-opening windows Solar PV, solar thermal, low energy bulbs, LEDs, air source heat pump, underfloor heating Low flow taps 2014
Nuttings Road

Extensive renovation completed over five years puts environment at heart of home 1950s Cavity wall, loft, hot water tank, under bath, triple layer curtains Solar PV & thermal, 9 kW woodstove, heat recovery Eco-paint, wool insulation, Rainwater harvesting, spray taps, toilet 'Hippo' Sedum roof, vegetable growing, terracotta fridge 2015, 2016
Oxford Road

Large house with multiple extensions and substantial renovations 1927 Cavity and external solid wall insulation, underfloor, loft conversion Solar PV, zoned underfloor heating, LED lighting Timber framed windows (with aluminium cladding) Bathtub siphoning Adapting to use smaller A+ rated fridge 2015, 2016
Perowne Street

Retirement renovation and extension for comfort, light and easy mobility 1890 Internal and external wall insulation, underfloor, loft LEDs, condensing boiler, A+++ appliances, increased daylighting and solar thermal gain from extension Soakaway to save money on water bills, water efficient wetroom, 'hippos' Solar powered Velux blinds 2016
Rampton Drift

CB24 3EH
Homes x12: Detached, Semi-Detached, Terrace 1950s-70s External wall cavities filled and insulated, lofts, internal walls, air sealed entrance lobby/windows/external doors Combination boilers, thermostatic radiator valves, solar thermal hot water system with thermal stores, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery Web based monitoring of gas and electricity usage, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels 2013
Rathmore Road

Low energy new build built for beauty, sociability and minimum running costs 2015 Highly insulated and triple glazed factory made wall units, underfloor, roof 'A' rated gas boiler with magnetic filter, 7 zone ground floor underfloor heating, PV Acrylic bathroom panels, Marmoleum flooring, oak staircase 3000 ltr rainwater harvesting for toilets, fire sprinkler system and garden use Floor wash lighting with motion sensors, half-hour fire doors 2016, 2017
Richmond Road

Terrace 1896 Exernal walls insulated internally, super insulated bathrooms, air sealed windows/doors, double/triple glazing Condensing boiler, wood burner Lime mortar external walls Aerating taps, dual low flush toilets 2013
Ross Street

Extended and renovated Edwardian terrace with emphasis on fair footprint living 1912 PUR aerogel, insulating render, blinds, double glazed windows and doors Wood burning stove, solar PV, LEDs, condensing boiler Reused reclaimed and recycled fittings, cork tiles, UK wool carpet Aerating taps, 'pulse eco' showerhead, dual flush toilet, water butts Raised beds, covered ventilated 'shed' for storage and clothes drying 2016
Saint Barnabas Road

Detached 2016 Triple glazing with electric and fixed shading, wood walls with HOIZ insulation system, roof and floor insulation Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR), underfloor heating, wood stove, solar cache PV hot water heating Wooden floor. No PVC, MDF, paint toxins 2017
Saint John's Road

Saint John's College University of Cambridge, sensitive and feature packed renovation of Regency house 1810 Ground floor, internal wall, roof, double or secondary glazing throughout Heat recovery extractor fans, LEDs, variable temperature heat controls, condensing boiler Full retrofit with new kitchens and bathrooms, daylight tubes. 2016
Saint Margaret's Road

Wide ranging renovation includes new passive ventilation heat recovery system 1930 External wall insulation for half of house, solid wall internal, underfloor, loft - floor and roof, cavity wall insulation of extensions Passive ventilation with heat recovery, underfloor heating Large extension with passive solar gain and daylighting 2016, 2017
Seymour Street

Terrace 1913 Floor, roof, cavities filled, air sealed vents/chimneys/windows/doors, double glazing Solar PV, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, exhaust air heat recovery, heat saving thermal blinds 2013
Sherlock Road

Renovation has increased living
space while improving energy efficiency
1937 Internal (DIY & pro) & external wall, flat & pitched roof, triple glazing Mechanical ventilation heat recovery Woodfibre wall insulation, recycled plasterboard Low flow showers, low volume flush WCs Collaborative design and building approach 2015, 2016
Silverdale Avenue

CB23 7PP
Detached. Custom-built timber frame home and office in Coton 2013 External wall, roof, interfloor, triple glazing Solar PV, heat recovery, passive solar FSC timber Dual flush toilets, water butt, water softener Flexible design for any future change of use 2015
Silverwood Close

Terrace 1930s External wall, cavity, loft, roof, double glazing, radiator reflectors Condensing boiler, low energy bulbs, solar thermal panels, mechanical ventilation and heat recovery, underfloor heating Rainwater harvesting 2014, 2017
Saint Barnabas Road

Semi-detached, highly-insulated home with low-carbon lifestyle 1897 Internal wall, roof, floor, double- and secondary-glazed sashes Zone heating controls, woodstove, passive solar Reused building materials and furnishings Water butts, low water-consuming lifestyle 2015
Thoday Street

A house for lovers of natural building materials. 1919 Visitors on 18th will see Hempcrete wall insulation in progress, double glazing Solar PV, Worcester condensing boiler with WAVE internet controlled programmer Llime mortar re-pointing, Tadelakt plaster, eco-paints Cob oven in garden 2016
Topcliffe Way

Extensive renovation to take control of energy bills 1963 Cavity wall, loft and external wall, argon filled double glazing Woodstove, solar PV & thermal, DIY fitted mechanical ventilation with heat recovery Rainwater harvesting, DIY greywater toilet Low energy-consuming family living 2015, 2016, 2017
Woodlark Close

Detached 1930s Interior solid wall, loft, underfloor, double glazing Wood burning stove, underfloor heating, LED lighting 2014