Help improving your home

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After being in our homes more than usual with Covid-19, it’s a good time to plan how to improve them. Can you make yours more comfortable and energy efficient for the coming winter? The upcoming government Green Homes Grant offers … Continued

What did you do this summer?

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Article by Nicola Terry     Climate change brings us more intense weather of all kinds – more heatwaves and droughts, more rainstorms and floods. This summer we’ve had a record temperatures and another drought. Demand for water hit a … Continued

Homes Fit for the Future

Article by Tom Bragg We all deserve a good home and Cambridge’s acute need for affordable housing has been well covered in this paper.  ‘Good’ homes are also energy-efficient, comfortable and affordable to heat. Well insulated, draught-free homes cost little … Continued

DIY Fanned Radiator

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A radiator with a fan heats the room quicker and improves efficiency 2020 update: Our kitchen/living area was often the coldest room. With our pattern of use, it’s good to be able to warm it up quickly. The fanned radiator described … Continued