Do you live in a low-energy home?

Would you like to be a volunteer Open Eco Homes host and share your experience with others? Online 'visitors' would love seeing how you've make your home sustainable and comfortable; showing them is really rewarding.

See videos of 2020 and 2021 online tours.
More information on being an OEH Host in this PDF
If you'd like to know more contact us to talk it over or
tell us about your home in this short form. 

"We were swept away by visitors’ enthusiasm and interest in what we’d done." - OEH Host

See this brief OEH 2021 report

 We’re looking for a wide variety of interesting (not perfect!) homes, including:
  • new builds, especially small onesColeridge Road - Charlie + doors .
  • retrofits
  • low-cost or rented
  • work-in-progress

Comfortable homes that demonstrate different ways of saving energy and cutting carbon emissions. eg:

  • low-cost or DIY energy-saving measures
  • good insulation & controlled ventilation
  • new technologies & renewable energy
  • reused & low-carbon building materials
  • smart behaviour that saves energy
  • integration with a low-carbon lifestyle (food, transport, water use, etc)
150927_0589_ehWhat does being a host involve?

We  hope Autumn 2022 home tours will a mixture of online and in-person.

We can support you presenting your home, at a time of your choice in Sept/Oct 2022. Tell your eco-home story and the methods you used - including triumphs and disasters - all useful for others to learn from!

Do you have some good photos? Can you take some video of your home and its features with your phone? We’ll help you with the technology of making a live online presentation, with practice, if you want.

With some facts about your home, we'll create a case study, which becomes great resource for visitors.

Or can you suggest someone else we should ask? contact us