Why do people love visiting Cambridge Open Eco Homes?

It’s local. Much of the advice will be local to Cambridge, particularly when it comes to finding out who to contact in Cambridge to get the work you need done. You can quickly travel between homes to make the most of the days (potentially getting detailed advice from 8 householders over 2 days).

It’s independent. Although we have commercial sponsors, and without them our events wouldn’t run, Cambridge Open Eco Homes is completely independent and the advice you get comes from regular householders not sales people.

It’s free and easy. Book on-line and just turn up. We would love you to fill in feedback forms and leave a donation because it will help the event to continue next year, but our main aim is to get people talking to each other. Visit just 1 home or as many as 8. 

 Why Cambridge Open Eco Homes worksMowbray Rd '15 (4)

Cambridge Open Eco Homes enables you to get impartial advice about the pros and cons of various renewable energy technologies, insulation measures and heating systems. And because each visit is an organised tour you’ll get detailed advice and meet up with other people who are in the same boat as you. You will never have a better opportunity to chat about all the things that could make your home more comfortable, affordable and better for the planet.

 What to do after your visitAnne in Eltisley Av Loft Extesnion Vert  (300x197)

Meeting together in an informal relaxed setting, the only commitment you need to give is to turn up and enjoy. But we hope you will want to take away some ideas and put them into practice, which is why we’d like to also invite you to our series of Cosy Cambridge evening workshops and talks. Here you can delve deeper into the technologies that interest you most, or ask those questions you didn’t think of during the open days.