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 Energy Features Key  
Low-cost improvementsRenewables: heat
'Big' insulation worksRenewables: electricity
GlazingWater management
Lighting systems and electrical appliancesSustainable building materials
High spec heatingLifestyle change
 Location TypeAge          
ANorth St
[case study]
BChesterton Rd
[case study]
Semi detached1896         
CAscham Road
[case study]
Semi detached1928         
DRoss St
[case study]
End of Terrace1912                 
EGwydir St
[case study]
Mid terrace1840         
GSilverwood Close
[case study]
End of Terrace1930's           
HGilbert Rd
[case study]
Semi detached1930              
IFoster Rd
[case study]
Mid Terrace1947               
JFen Rd
[case study]
KNuttings Rd
[case study]
Semi detached1950's                 
LHuntingdon Rd
[case study]
Semi detached1890's         
MEltisley Av
[case study]
Mid Terrace1902               
NHarvey Goodwin Av
[case study]
OPerowne St
[case study]
Mid terrace1890's           
[case study]
Semi detached1940's       
QWoodlark Rd
[case study]
RMadingley Rd
[case study]