Newsflash: Don't miss out on insulation grants!

£4000 grants for Cambridge homes from the Solid Wall Insulation Fund. Apply and agree a quote by 30th June 2016.

Opening doors to low energy homes in Cambridge

Open Eco Homes is a community led project based in Cambridge. We offer a unique opportunity for people to explore comfortable, beautiful low energy homes and talk to ordinary householders about low energy living.

We are looking for hosts now (to open their homes on September 18th and 24th) and will be taking bookings from visitors from August. 

 “It made a real difference to see a house built on eco
principles (as opposed to just reading about it) and experiencing how beautiful and comfortable it can be.”

 Last year's Open Homes are shown here. See Map. 

I'd love to be a host

If you live in a low energy home, this is your chance to share your experience with others who want to do the same, whilst being supported by the Open Eco Homes event team. We will organise everything for you and provide a volunteer on the day if you need extra help.

Become a host

I'd love to visit a low energy home

If you’re looking forward to creating or moving into a low energy home and need some practical advice and inspiration then our September events will give you the chance to meet people living it, rather than salesmen selling it. You can book online from August, and every visit is free.


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